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The Doctor's Keeper
The Doctor's Keeper
~.~( / )~.~
The Doctor was working underneath the TARDIS to curb his boredom. Things were always boring without the Ponds around to keep things interesting, but they needed their time together and the Doctor respected that enough to keep his nose out of their private business... most of the time.
He knew he could always take the TARDIS ahead a couple of weeks and pick them up. Then they could go on more adventures--- and the Doctor had quite a few in mind! However, the ship needed repairs sometimes, and the Doctor needed some time to make those repairs.
The bad thing was, being alone for too long drove the Doctor to paranoia. He'd start hearing things that weren't there, like that sudden knocking on the TARDIS door.
Knocking on the TARDIS door? Nobody knocked on the TARDIS door.
The Doctor knew he was hearing it for real. Knuck-knuck-knuck. The Time Lord disentangled himself from the masses of wires beneath the console and
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...Now the Doctor is very, very mad.

And there will likely be death.


Well... there is already death. There will just be some intense crazy stuff coming up...

Don't lose it, Doctor!

Something like this actually happened with my own 12th Doctor (You know, the ginger one that I had before Matt Smith even announced he was leaving?). He went batty too. Then he became very lonely. D: For many years. And I'm spoiling my own story, but I didn't outright tell you what happened in that story!
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This account is named for my character, Stellar. He's the main character in my wannabe animated cartoon, Stellar Knight!

Your Time is Done- Stellar Knight by StellarTheSquirrel

Stellar- An ordinary teenage squirrel (anthrotoon) who becomes a hero with widespread success--- and he doesn't even have superpowers! He loves his friends, comic book heroes, and pizza.

Dessie- A grey mouse who is one of Stellar's best friends. She has a bit of an attitude, can kick well, and can make a mean choco-latte.

Domino- A dalmatian who is Stellar's other best friend. He is sometimes under the delusion that he's a ladies' man and has a crush on Petunia Rose, a popular cat at his school. He is mainly there for comic relief and support, but I can always find a way to darken something/somebody in my stories...

Dex- Dessie's older brother, a yellow mouse in a black shirt. He hops onboard the SK bandwagon in the premier of season 2 in my headcanon. Stellar doesn't like him at first but rapidly warms up to this butt-kicking character.

Those are my main 4 characters in Stellar Knight! XD If you like Danny Phantom, you'll probably like Stellar Knight, so if/when I get it on TV, I'm expecting my fellow phans to have an interest in it.

I love the following bands/musical artists:

tobyMac, Skillet, Red, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, Demon Hunter, We As Human, Manafest, and Dead Poetic.

WAH doesn't get enough love. :c Which stinks, cause they're awesome. :D

Wooooot! XD

I love Danny Phantom, it's my favorite cartoon! :D

BUT, this account will feature the following:

-Stellar Knight
-Doozles (Some cute creatures I made)
-Characters from the Deptford Mice Trilogy, Wolves of the Beyond and other book series...
-Doctor Who. Lots of Doctor Who.



I love the Doctor in any form he's in, but 10th and 11th are my favs. XD Both fantastic Doctors. I draw a lot more Tenny than I do 'Leven, though... David Tennant is fun to draw. XD

Also, I've found I have a great deal of affection for the Meta-Crisis Doctor (10.5, Tentoo, Handy). Though a one-time only character, Tentoo is probably my favorite character on Doctor Who, and I can see from searching art for him in the fandom, that he is one of the most underappreciated characters, aside from the "minor" Who characters. Though, I daresay my vision of him is quite a bit different from most's. Like, I see Tentoo as kind of being a far darker character than he is often portrayed. I mean, he killed all the Daleks (again) without even batting an eye. I work this characteristic of seeming nonchalant to death at times into my upcoming fanfic, "Blackout".

And as for my secondary cartoon idea, Polterkits:

Premise: Polterkits is about a group of ghost-hunting anthro cats (or kits!) who have their own club in a haunted house. Though its theme is ghost-related, the show is more revolved around family and friendships than anything.

Characters: Polterkits features a fun bunch of characters!

Major characters:
Dirk Bennington- His design is inspired by a character I was drawing in a dream. He looks very much like he did in the dream, since I retained his design after I woke up... Down to the hair. Dirk is a writer and is easily irked, so this is the meaning of the slogan "Don't Irk the Dirk!" No, he wasn't named for Dirk Strider. I've never even read that comic.

Dusty Spirit- A pirate ghost. He is somewhat of a dunce, and didn't think he was a ghost at first until he started phasing through walls! Link Friday found him in a book about pirates he found in a treasure chest. Since then, the two have been inseparable buddies. Dusty talks in pirate slang.

Ben Platts- Ben is a very large cat with a rather calm personality. He is best friends with Amy Parker. Ben has a fighting spirit, and was once one of the bullies who picked on others, until Amy gave him a change of heart. Now he stands up for the little guy!

Amy Parker- She is a sassy Siamese cat with an attitude. Her favorite quote is "Ah, no." She often gets into arguments with Dirk, since they are both short-tempered. She can also kick anyone's butt.

Link Friday- Link is my personal favorite. :D He likes to draw and has a big heart. Though only six years old, he has proved himself to be quite a hero, even saving the future from his older self. Even in everyday life, he is a hero. He is best friends with Dusty and really looks up to Dirk.

Minor characters:

Lily Friday- Link's big sister. She is supporting and loving of him but isn't aware of his activities with the Polterkits...

Buck- Lily's best friend. He is her support for when she gets upset about things.

Les and Chess- Dirk's two little brothers. They are twins, love getting into mischief, and are always wanting to come with their older brother on his trips to the Polterkits meetings. They cause more trouble for Dirk than he can handle sometimes!


I'm a big Whovian!

My favorite Doctor is Ten but my OTHER favorite is an alternate 12th Doctor I created before Matt Smith announced his departure.

And his personality type is ENTP! I was surprised, but it really does fit him. You can take the test yourself to see what you are... it's so weirdly accurate.…

Also, I do not hate Clara Oswald. WAT? It seems like everyone hates her nowadays. I think she's quite human, and if you don't like humanity, then you're a misanthrope. No really, that's a word that means "human hater". I love that word.
I say she's human because she reacts like almost any human would given her situation. I'm nothing like Clara but I would probably have slapped the Doctor too. And cried when he abandoned me. That man needs to be told when he's wrong sometimes, you understand. He may not like to admit it, but he needs to be told when he's wrong. *nods*

Honestly, I don't hate any companion just as I don't hate any Doctor. I bring up Clara because the poor girl's under fire by half the fandom. Clara support!

She's the most Doctorish companion in my eyes, more like an equal than any other companion before her. She's not his lover or even his bestfriend anymore... she's like a second Doctor. It's peculiar. And I think it really works, their dynamic. With Eleven, it wouldn't have worked quite that way, but it works perfectly with Twelve.

OK, enough of my chattering! I'll write an article on how each NuWho companion is good in his/her own right. Enough character bashing.



:iconzavraan: :iconyudhaikeledai:


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